Eager McBeaver (Chores)

September 26, 2007
By Jonathan Yakubov, Elizabeth, NJ

Oh Little, Little Rabbit, Eager McBeaver
lived with a family of five.Each brother and sister had a chore,
which had to be down once every week.
To Eager McBeaver every chore was bleak,
to him it really was.
For instead everyday, McBeaver, took a trip,
to Mr. Flip’s garden, where he had his little feast of fruits.
But his mother had told him to
“Stay away from that garden,
for Mr. Flip will kill you, if he sees you eating his valuable treats.”
But he paid no attention,
and went straight down to detention.

Oh Little, Eager McBeaver, brought some friends with,
to take these great treats back home.

Oh Eager McBeaver
had a great time in the garden, with his rabbit friends.
They were stuffing tomatoes in bags for back home
and throwing potatoes at each other for fun.
Ohh their misery was yet to come.

From this loud noise of fun,
came the great Mr. Flip with his rake, ready to shake
when he saw Eager McBeaver...
Mr. Flip was ready to catch this great plant eater ‘cause he had it planned out.
For Mr. Flip sneaked up on them and came with a couple of jars, ready to put these rabbits behind bars.
From above of Eager McBeaver’s head, he dropped the jar and hit bull’s eye.
But his little friends ran away as fast as a spy.
After Mr. Flip caught this little rascal, he made
Eager McBeaver replant most of his eatin’ plants
while his friends didn’t get blamed.

Oh Eager McBeaver,
watched his little friends have fun while he had to be
bored to death with a chore he had to do for Mr. Flip.

Oh Eager McBeaver had probably learned his lesson.
And oh did Eager McBeaver probably get a beaten from his mother,
who had warned him one after another to shun from Mr. Flip’s garden!

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