Midnight Ride for Freedom

November 3, 2007
By Kelly Reiber, Palouse, WA

Adrenaline Races through your veins,
Creating a steady beat in your ears.

The chilly night air whips your hair,
Causing your eyes to brighten with excitement.

You lean forward, watching the pavement fly under the car.
The anticipation tenses your body.

Your pulse quickens at the growl of the engine,
The roar of the transmission brings a mischievous grin to your lips as you push it to its limit.

No cars are out at this time of night,
You’ve the only one.

You’re racing yourself, the memories, the dreams, the pain, and the hopes.
All left behind in a cloud of dust.

But alas, the road comes to an end,
Regretfully you come to a halt.

You turn around, and go back,
Back to reality, back to life.

You smile one last time,
Relishing in that small guilty pleasure.

For once you gave in,
For just a moment you were free.

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