November 3, 2007
By Rachel simpsin, Cincinnati, OH

Two candles both alike and lit
One wich stands ever so still proud and strong such as a worrior
The other dances with such a passion just as strong
But the wild flame has weak points
How I long to be the steady flame
It's Power never dies
Almost with perfection does it stand on the wick
But the steady flame when meddled with or taken control of
gives up so easily and to such a severity
The wild flame sits so unstedily
It makes my wall shiver with antisipation
The glow given by these two flames are so diffrent
It starts to confuse the mind
You see the wild flame brightens my cieling
like a thousand suns
where as the steady flame makes no impact
Almost only there for show
I finnaly relize I wish not to be the steady flame that is so easily put out
I dont want to be weakend by others
My flame that burns in my heart is so untamed and wild such as this one before me
My wild flame brightnes my life not matter how unpredictable it is
Perfect is not always what one wants

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