Whenever Something Good Comes Along

November 2, 2007
By Alexis Olszewski, Clinton Township, MI

Why is it that whenever something good comes along,
it always has an unhappy ending?
Why does it always end with a broken heart,
a crying girl,an upset boy.

Wy cant we all just have our fairy tale ending.
Were everythings perfect,everyones happy.
No one must let go or move on.
There is no tears,
just the smiles.

Why must people leave?
Without a word,
they're just gone.
No explination, no understanding.
Just gone.
A friend, a family, a love.
Just gone.

Why must we let go?
Let go of the things that mean the most.
Why must we hurt?
To the extent of no return
Why must we cry?
Till theres nothing left inside.

Why do we hurt the people?
That mean the most.
Push them away,
so they never come back.

There are many things that I just don't understand.
So i must ask..

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