walking without you.

September 26, 2007
By shane copher, Hopewell, IL

walking without you.

im here in hell walking without you
im in sight of the devil
hes tall
hes red
hes evil
without you he scares me
without you i cant stand
i see a way out
or is it just a trap
they say the devil is clever
they say he plays games of the mind
so how can i get away from this hell
hell is filled with fire and demons
its full of sad and evil souls
i wish you were here to help me
i cant face the devil by myself
how do i escape
this hell of mine is to fearful
its able to scare the srongest of souls
so what makes me think i can survive
"i look up and see you standing there and i know that your with me even in this hell"
thats how ill escape the power of our love
it is stronger than the devil could ever be
before we go i say i love you

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