Kiddie Fights

July 22, 2010
By joeliespoetry SILVER, East Hampton, New York
joeliespoetry SILVER, East Hampton, New York
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"You're not right!

You're wrong! I know it!"

He picked up the lamp

And aimed to throw it.

"Stop!" cried my mother

Who had just arrived.

I paused, waiting for her

To take up MY side.

"What's happening here?"

She glared us both down.

"He's being a baby,"

I said with a frown

"You are the baby!"

He shouted at me.

"I'm not the one crying,"

I said angrily.

"I am not crying!"

He screamed with great rage.

"Stop yelling," says Mom.

"And act your own age.

I stared at him sadly.

I was no longer mad.

He was the first one to talk.

"I'm sorry," said Dad.

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