A Calling

September 25, 2007
-Magic shimmers through the air, as the wind blows back your hair
-Twilight comes as the days go, as pink, purple, and blue show
-The moon rises through the shroud, expelling all your doubts
-Music flows through the air, as easy as an unspoken dare
-Walk towards the moon with your arms in the air, exillerated just becuase your there
-Whirling, twirling round and round, face turned up towards the clouds
-Stars shining on your face, this wonderful nature is surely Gods grace
-Transported to a special place to find your true love staring you in the face
-Eyes of fire, hair of gold, this man is what your destiny foretold
-Take his hand, as lips brush lips, love cant be sweeter than this
-Falling back through the door, finding yourself where you were before
-But don't fret or sorrow, when twilight comes he'll be there on the morrow

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