September 20, 2007
By Sarah Shaw, Jonesboro, AR

You disgust me.
You’re filthy.
Covered with my blood.
Scratching me against your blades.
Slowly degrading me.

My skin is raw and fiery.
I hate what you do to me.
I hate who you’ve grated me to be.
I hate the way you twist me,
The way you grind me harder
Trying to get what you want.

Your teeth chop me apart.
I am torn in a million crimson pieces
And what is worse…
There is no escape.

You won’t stop grinding me until I am pulp.
You want me to not be whole.
You knew I was not full to begin with.

You continually grind at me;
Just like my hand-held grated did.
But you, you electric grates is more degrading and powerful.
You are powered by my tears that flow from my eyes,
Which wrap the turbine, empowering you even more.
And when my tears stop flowing clear,
And they are bloody no more,
Your motor will shut off forever.

Until that day comes,
You wait until I solidify long enough,
They you snatch my broken self up
Stuffing me deep inside your twisted, over powering mind.

You abuse me.
You force ugliness upon me.
You force me to hate.

You grind me beyond a pulp.
You make me unwanted,
Who would want your waste?

I am now a liquid.
I will solidify no more.
My crimson tears will never empower you again.

I am beyond the state of returning to what I once was.
I am evaporating.

Thanks to your crushing, degrading words and actions,
I will float up high, higher than your power can obtain.

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