A TV in Three

September 20, 2007
The ever so annoying man,
In his cheesy suit
And hair that would make
A slug cringe and puke.
He looks into the camera and lies
To your face
“I’ll give you the best deal, guaranteed!”

The all-American man (whatever that means)
Watching the game with friends.
A big smile on his face as he consumes
The same lies he’s selling you.
And his expression reads:
“This is what it takes to have fun.”

Just a voice of a man,
But dynamic still.
He gives a chilling description
To sell you a thrill.
He feeds you false ratings
As his lying voice says:
“Best movie of the year!
It will fill you with fear.”

And as I sit and watch

I catch a disease
That can’t be contained

In your flat-screen TV
Watch a commercial
with lies and jokes
and you’ll find yourself following

each single coax
Until it consumes you,

And you start to do the same.
Beating liars, and cheaters,

At their own dirty game.

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