Nature always wears the color of the spirit

September 20, 2007
Nature always wears the color of the spirit
People may not know that, so it may be odd to hear it
What it means is that nature is what we want it to be
We can express ourselves through nature and talk to a tree
As our mood changes nature does too
So if we’re happy the sky will be a brilliant blue

If I’m sad it will rain
Helping me let go of all my pain
Letting go of pain gives me the feeling of exhilaration
So I can scream at a mountaintop without any hesitation
Living life with nature can be a wonderful thing
So wonderful that we might want to sing

As long as we’re happy with nature it’ll be our friend
It’ll be there for us until the very end
Good moods will bring the best of nature out
And make us so happy that we’ll just want to shout
Sing with the birds in the high blue skies
And praise nature with our joyful cries

Nature provides us with good health
And if we’re happy it'll give us great wealth
Wealth isn’t always money
It can come from the hives with the honey
Nature gives us peace of mind
In the woods, serenity we can find

If we cry rainstorms will come
But they may go away as soon as we’re done
The feeling of anger may bring thunder
Or maybe bring fires like the ones down under
Nature will get use to us like one person does to another
I guess that’s why we call nature our mother

We can sit and cry with a Weeping Willow
It may be more stimulating than crying on a pillow
Because like us trees are alive
And they’ll always be there to look at when you go for a car drive
Although it may be odd to hear it
Nature always wears the color of the spirit

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happytime said...
Nov. 23, 2011 at 4:26 pm
"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit" is from Emerson's Nature.
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