Now Your Gone

July 28, 2010
Love, where are you? The dark lay thickly upon me as I wait for you to come back to me. Yet I know you will not.
Oh how daft am I! How daft indeed! You were here! You are real! I am convinced of it now. The yearning I feel is only proof. How could I have let you leave so easily? The moment was as sand. Before I even realized what I held you had slipped through my fingers. That brief moment must only exist to appeal to the void it left in it's wake.
Had I not been so shocked by your presence I would have known to speak.
“Why the rush? Must you go so quickly?”
Now you are gone and I remain a liar. Each instant passes and I assure myself you will be back shortly. I say you must feel the same, desire the same. Yet still....I lie.

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alexis S. said...
Aug. 22, 2010 at 3:06 pm
good jpb, katie. please keep writn more.
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