The Heart Of A Soldier

September 1, 2007
By Michael PIETRANTONIO, Linden, NC

My allegiance lies with thee, This banner what strikes pride in me.
Clad in the star and the stripe, All of blue, red, and white.
Showing the states and those before, May it remain forever more.
Life here should strive long and free, From Oregon to New Jersey.
Maine to Florida, San Antonio to Tacoma.
People should take pride in this place, As they crawl cross the country's face.
For this is why I love this land, It's love of land what makes a man.
I choose to leave not for a thing, Even upon a Bald Eagle's wing.
Though if you join the ranks with me, You then can defend your liberty.
And as for now I'm quite content, Fighting for you by God's consent.
It's by we who fight that you are saved, In the land of the free and the home of the brave.
This poem comes from a heart of stone, It's the heart of a soldier working alone.
I want to be home but I'm proud to be here, Defending my country every day of the year.
I'll do my job and follow my code, At least 'til I come to the end of my road.
I fight for feedom and the life of my peers. And I'll keep going til the end of my years.
So from the heart of a soldier passed unto you, We'll fight, we'll win for the red,white,and blue!

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