September 1, 2007
By Amber Moore, Woodbridge, VA

I hated you so much I didnt know what to do! Now that I look back it seems like everything was fake from the minute you said "I care for you". I thought it was real and meant to be, but I guess I was mistaken like any other teen. You think he's special and not like the others, just to get your heart broken and treated like any other! You thought you were both on the same page and everything was going fine. Then to find out his feelings were different from the ones you had in mind. Only to find out everything was a lie an fake as can be. Resulting in you having a broken heart that you thought would never again beat. Then as time goes on and you look back on things, you want to thank and forgive him for what he's put you threw and ALL the pain! Otherwise if you don't you'll never be able to move on and forget about before. Because it'll stay on you and in oyur head forevermore. So I thank you "Mr. Wrong" and forgive you for what you've done in my life. so that now I can move on to be with someone who actually cares about me enough to consider me being their wife.

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