A Sea of Dreams

September 1, 2007
By Kristin Duprie, Bremerton, WA

Carry me away Into the sea WeÕll swim into the night Just you and me WeÕll kiss in the moonlight A silent embrace The warmth leaves me breathless In this magical place Holding hands as we stroll Your eyes hold my gaze I could fall weak in the knees And lie taken for days YouÕve got me shaken and smiling WeÕre lost in the sand Our bodies so close; The touch of your hand Fingers running through my hair Feeling the spark of young love The nervousness of darkness And the adrenaline thereof We wonÕt rest until dawn IÕll lay my head on your chest WeÕll drift into dreamland Our desires expressed "This will certify that the above work is completely original," Kristin Duprie Attack of/on Humanity They thrive on your sadness, Kill for contentment, And show no mercy They rip out the soul while searching For the key ingredients That keep them living Things thatÕd make you happy- Love, friendship, trust Feed their need to make you miserable YouÕre brought down and stripped of your personality; Self esteem like that of a pebble You mean nothing to everyone So what have you got left? The desire to be just like everyone else. Perfect family, friends, A perfect life. Now tell me, WhereÕs the joy? Laughter? Oh yes, They ate it. You watch from people from afar Wanting everything that she has. He has. They have. And sure enough You take action; No more standing on the sidelines Now youÕre tearing through hearts Ripping out souls To make those you envied Just like you. What did you gain after all of this? More than youÕd expect And yet, much, much less. But hey, At least that person you devoured Is now your partner in sin Now and forever. Was it worth it?

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