The snow fell thick as milkweed

September 1, 2007
By Alyssa Capo, Gladstone, NJ

The snow fell thick as milkweed On that sunny Easter day Kids ran to catch eggs thatÕd been hid Like wild little Indians on a raid There was no need of a preacher Nor recited Sunday prayers Faith is much sweeter found in laughter And through the company of friends And all of the tithing Went towards a cooked-up Easter bet That seemed too perfect for that willing someone To not brave the cold to get So when that tiny blond ball of energy Beat everyone to the leap Her jump into the frigid pond Was easily the sweetest moment, the one we all got to keep So as folks stood round the fire Winding through tales of pond-jumps past Snow, like milky down, added its flavor To that ritual of Easter-Farm-Day.

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