September 1, 2007
OÕ angel, OÕ angel, how much I envy thee, The shine that glows around you is so pure and makes you free, OÕ angel, OÕ angel, for such a long time now, I wonder just why did you leave, I also wonder how. You looked at me so long ago and I couldnÕt understand, Just why you told me to be strong, then held out your hand, Your face it was so beautiful, I wished I could be you, To see just how it felt to be so precious and so true, You taught me that love is the key to a life I long to live, You also said to make sure I can take and I can give, You helped me make my wisdom grow from a seed into a flower, You told me I could share my roots just when I had the power. You always seemed to walk the sea and never did you drown, ItÕs like the waves right under you would crash and then fall down, Because you were too strong for them, these waves they canÕt compare, ItÕs like the fishes in that sea just seemed to stop and stare, YouÕd sometimes walk on broken glass and with the barest feet, Because you walked across it all you showed me how to beat, All the pain I would go through in each part of me life, You also told me how to make it past anything with strife. You left one day without a sign and you didnÕt tell a soul, It seemed as if my heart was like a big and empty bowl, I soon began to think that all you lessons were a lie, And at the point all I could do was sit there, mope and cry, Then I saw a glow from far that was coming close to me, But I couldnÕt find out what it was, I felt I couldnÕt see, Then I felt a feeling that made my mind grow hazy, And soon I saw a picture of a beautiful pink daisy. Just then I knew you were with me and forever would you stay, To guide me through the good and bad until my dying day, OÕ angel, OÕ angel, how much I do love thee, For all that you have given me, for making me feel free, OÕ angel, OÕ angel, you stay deep in my heart, Until the day my eyes grow dark, never will we part.

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