Another long story

September 1, 2007
Another long story, just some more words to say Shut up and listen, and maybe you will find about the day The day where I told them more about love And about my dear doll who was sent from above. . . Enough of the cheesy poetry, ok? It took some time, but I found the one The person that I knew was tons of fun He looked me in the eyes and told me some lies And I fell head over heals for his 'family ties' Your boring me already, just get on with it. I should draw you a story, with my words Of what this angel looked like He had hair that was black, and placed perfect on his head His eyes were a sparkling blue, that were as enchanting as the moon Carry on. Oh how I loved that kid so, and as I proceed I ask of you one thing, and you must answer honestly I promise I will. Have you ever been betrayed Neglected and hated for one thing A mistake that was shunned A mistake that you will remember forever? I am afraid so. That means you will understand Now more on the boy Oh of course he was more than just a boy He was an angel, as I stated before I met him one fine day, when he was alone Sitting outside a light gray building I stared at him for one second then averted my gaze He looked up to me and told me these words 'You look kind, my dear friend I believe that you do, but I have only one fear, That I cannot trust you.' So I showed him my trust The first mistake I made I advise you never to listen to an angel You find on the side of the street He took me into his arms And he whispered some words And my heart beat faster than it should've For all know that is when it should've ended But it didn't and here I am telling you A tale that really has no meaning Yet all of this time you will listen, For it might effect you later on. I am listening. Weeks went by and I stayed with the boy Unknowing of the dangers that lurked I was sure that he was the one at that point But I never thought I was wrong Years went by and I stayed with the man Then I knew it was not meant to be But he wouldn't let me leave I was stuck in his grasp, never to leave. Then how did you escape? Simply enough I told him my case And he left me alone. Then why is this story so hard to tell? He left didn't he? What's wrong now? The thing is, when he left He did not only take his things He took my heart as well I don't understand. There are things in life you will never understand darling Just remember that I will always be here I will always watch matter what happens. Then smoke enveloped them both, but when the smoke dissipated, the woman was gone. All that was left was a young girl and her young love. Then she remembered the words that she listened to so intently, and she left. Ran away. It was the biggest mistake of her life. For when she returned, she found her love dead, with a broken heart. The girl thought for a moment, then noticed that it wasn't her love that was keeping her from being happy, it was herself. And she threw it all away, for she stole the boys heart and left him to die.

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