She Was There

July 28, 2010
By Chocolatelover22 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
Chocolatelover22 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
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She was there when I fell and scraped my knee
But she picked me back up and said let me see
I was there when she got her back tooth pulled
I held her hand and told her to be bold
She was there when my dog died
And with me she cried
I was there when she said she loved me like sister
and sometimes hated me like a blister
She was there when I lost my mom's keys and she helped me find them
without any please
I was there when we jumped into the pool with our clothes still on
I said we’ll get in trouble and she said look I’m a swan
She was there when we had our first school dance
My crush left me without a last glance
She grabbed my arm and said lets prance
I was there when she bombed her test
I let her look at mine and she was impressed
She was there when my teacher sent me to the principal and my frown grew
And instead of letting me take the walk by myself she asked if she could go too
I was there when she grew taller than me
Her clothes didn’t fit so we went on a shopping spree
She was there as I grabbed my diploma at my proudest
And she was the one who clapped the loudest
I was there when she told what happened inside her
That her cells weren’t right and now she has to fight
She was there in the hospital feeling sick
But as she saw me walk in her smile came quick
I was there when she had no hair
And laid down beside her and listened to her prayer
She was there for me when I needed her most
And I was there for her when she needed someone close
She was here yesterday when I said goodbye
And I could see a tear in her eye
For the next day the bed she would not lie
My best friend gone way high up in the sky
I was here two weeks ago when she said she knew
She told me don’t worry, but I think I’m almost through
But when she leaves she’ll be waiting for me with a bunch of Heaven to share
And I told her that I’m already there

The author's comments:
She was there . . .

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