Dark town poems III: Lullaby

July 16, 2010
By Anonymous


Oh, lullaby
How sweet you cry

Looking down from your perch so high
Looking down like an angel in the sky

You, the young maiden, standing by the sea side
Oh, lullaby

Standing and waiting for he to return with the tide
Oh, lullaby

Upon the wringing sands of time
You and I cried out a rhythm,

Oh, lullaby
Standing upon the empty dock, with out saying good bye

He went away from your arms
Oh, lullaby he went into harm


Oh, lullaby
How sweet you cry

Standing upon the a cliff so high
Standing there, with a cry

You were a child and I was a child in that dark town near the sea
With the dying tower for all to see

Upon the sun’s wrath and the moon’s hope
You and I sat and listened to the pope

Oh, lullaby
How sweet you stood by his side

He was young and you were young in that dark town by the sea
Oh, lullaby, how you loved him with glee

He left you with hint of glee.
And he went searching for riches out in the sea


Oh sweet lullaby,
How sweet you cry

Standing there on the cliff side
Standing there, waiting for him to be brought in by the tide

Standing there upon Daisy’s bluff
Staring out at something that for you, was not enough

For the love you felt that night
As he said good bye and held you tight

Oh sweet lullaby,
How beautiful you looked when you cried

The tears fell like rain
As your life sped on like a train

Oh sweet Lullaby
Standing there awaiting to die

How the beauty shines and glows
As the tide refused it rose

Oh sweet lullaby,
How you were carried off in the tide


Standing there on the dock
I watched as you ticked by like a clock

The water twisted and turned as my tears began to cry
Good bye my sweet lullaby!

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