A Girl Can Only Wait For So Long

September 1, 2007
By Victoria Ricketts, White Mills, KY

Her eyes a clear blue Staring toward the glowing sun, She waits for her beloved Angel to come. She sits so soundly, Like a tiger waiting to pounce, Brushing her hair, Long strands of wavy gold Flowing down her back. To some she may seem lonely, A distant look upon her face, But she is only waiting Ever so patiently to be found, Before Death comes in his Oh so colorful attire. She waits so patiently For a strong hand to be held out her. She waits so soundly To be held by a strong heart. She waits so stubbornly For the perfect angel, With silver wings and the golden halo, To come find her and say he loves her. But no matter how adamant, A girl can only wait for so long.

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