Shes a Trapped Angel

September 1, 2007
She loves him, But he doesnÕt see her. He sees her shell. A pretty blonde girl With bright blue eyes. A smile worth a thousand dollars, And a body to die for. Her heart a fragile picture Of her self loathing self. Skin as pale as the moon Against the midnight sky. Crimson blood tainting her beautiful hands, Scaring her angelic face. The purity in her eyes, Turn dim with regret. He does not see her for her. A mask to cover her pain and scars. She chokes on her sorrows, Gasping for the air of redemption. Save her love save the daughter of the moon. Save the girl who hides beneath the mask of lies. Find her truth, Find her fragile heart, Hidden from human eyes. My Demon son, Only you can save her now. Forgotten by those she thought loved her, Unseen by those she wanted to love. Broken by rejection, Cut by her own bloody hands. Frozen soul of winter, Dark eyes of night. Her voice a whisper, Invisible to all, But the moon and the stars. She longs to be with them, To look down from above, And to be remembered one last time. Just one, Last, Time. Save her my demon son, For only you can. Save her from my fate, Save her from hell. Save her before all is lost In her broken heart. Save her my demon son. Only you can. You see past her defenses, And under the mask. You can fix her heart, And warm her soul. Only you can make her Come out of her human shell, And show her beauty to the world. Save her my demon son, For only you can. She is a trapped angel That only you can see.

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