"I Dare You"

September 1, 2007
By Tamara Henry, Camden, DE

I dare you not to speak the words written on your hand, grab on tight, a holy light lifts you from the land. holy hell, leaps a dozen over a sea or two, heaven almighty holds on firmly and gives love back to you. Believe you'll always be in the limelight, and stand on foreign ground, if not,jesus just may shoot down and turn you right around. you need to have faith it'll all go well, and nothing will turn wrong, besides, you have had your own life in your hands, all along. Now turn to the king and bow your head for he is the leader of your fate, as long as you just imagine how you want to live, you can risk at your own rate. A gust of wind may hold you back, but you just keep on trotting, cuz, the lord is watching down on you, his head is shaking, nodding.

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