September 1, 2007
Cold Her tears are frozen rain drops, And her fears are fallen snowflakes. A heart cold as stone. Snowstorms swirl her sleep, And sleet in her soul. Blizzards fill her freezing mind. Fall faded far away it. Winter came unwelcomed. Spring and summer were only dreams. Hands that used to be held, Now shake all alone. Mittens and gloves hide them, But her fingers are still frost bitten.. Like her lips, Only his kiss would melt her.. Only his lips. If he'd only glance at her, It would shatter her icicle eyes. If he'd only look just once.. And stop all the lies. The warmth of his touch again, Touching her frosty face, Would make the bitter cold go away. But he made her cold. He made her temperature drop. He left her alone in the snow, Alone in the cold. Will she ever feel the sun's glowing warmth again? He brought the cold. Only he can make it go away. Only he can keep her warm. But the snow continues to fall. Each falling snowflake, is another broken promise. Cold.

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