When I Left Home

September 1, 2007
By Arika Richardson, Enterprise, FL

When I left home, The moving van came, The sky opened up and it poured down rain. The movers hurridly grabbed my memories of home and took them away, Off to an institution of higher learning- I've been dreaming of this day. My mother is trying to put on a brave face, But I know she is breaking inside. It is as if she were a mighty dam, standing strong, until something cracks and she falls down- to pieces. My father stares, at me his little girl, his sunshine, his whole world. His world in drifting out of orbit on this day, He cries inside, All the while asking why can't you go to a college close to here? Even though I'll miss them, And they will miss me too, I'll always be close to them- they're in my heart and I'm in theirs. I tell him daddy, I need to spread my wings, I neede to fly. I need to go off into the great big world, And make my own way in life. This is the first step, Today when I leave home.

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