Everybody loves those sunny days

September 1, 2007
Everybody loves those sunny days, but can they stand the rain? Try to do it walking in my shoes and experience my pain Not knowing when it's gona hit, one day you're fine the next you're not Unexpectedly being controlled by a different side, all your feelings tied up in a knot Trying to get out but not knowing which one to reveal first Your ming is no longer yours, it's like you're being cursed By something evil that fills your head up with nothing but the worst Trying to convince you that you should no longer live, that you deserve nothing Making you out to be the scum of the earth instead of a great something Not being able to control your actions when things get too tough Getting stressed and upset about little things, even the dumb stuff Knowing you need help, but afraid of admitting there's something wrong Making yourself believe that there's some good, that it'll be ok in the long You try to push the evil out, but you're always defeated It always seems like that side has cheated The only thing that'll work now is to go and lay Down and try to sleep, so you can survive one more day

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