September 1, 2007
By Justin Logue, Harrisson, GA

You feel like youre all alone I can hear it in your voices tone You feel like nobody knows The real you that never truly shows You seek only to be understood Just a little understanding is good But nobody ever gives you a chance Let alone a second glance You think youre all alone You begin to feel cold as stone You want to find someone To take away your gun Now someone has come They tell you youre not alone You slowly stop feeling numb As you hear the gentle tone They take you in their arms And wipes away all you tears They took away all your fears Without bewitching you with charms You close your eyes in peace Your pain they begin to ease You realize how safe you feel As all your pain begins to heal You sleep with a smile on your face As you feel yourself carried at a steady pace You never thought that you would be able To feel the way that you feel right now You wonder if its all a dream Until you hear them promise its real You close your eyes in bliss As they give you a goodnight kiss

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