September 1, 2007
By Zoe Johnson-Ulrich, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

The halls are silent. The monster stalks them, claws outstretched, Growl rumbling in the back Of its throat. Rrrrrrawr! It leaps into the bedroom. Tiny screams erupt From tiny bodies. Twin geysers Of fear and happiness. Rawr! Patterpatterpatter! Thumpthumpthump! The monster chases the children down The hall. Rawr!! One whirls down the stairs And pat-pats away. The other, smaller, Works her way down The treacherous steps, One pat at a time. Fear is in her breathing, In her desperate attempts at haste. The monster appears, Looms above the child, and- Eyes plead. Tiny hand reaches up. The monsters claw Engulfs it. Hands squeeze. Together They navigate the stairs. One pat at a time. But once the childs Little feet Touch hardwood floor Patpatpatpatpat! Rawr! Pursuit begins again.

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