September 1, 2007
By Allison Petersen, Ferron, UT

Do you like my new me? Right now I feel as though you're a sculptor- Set out to meld me, mold me, make me as you'd like. Cigarettes as sustenance, I could be skinny. Jutting bones and breastless chests are always to your liking. She looks like a ten year old boy- but no problem! She knows true beauty. I think of you sometimes like my drug. Deranged disillusionment is my specialty A kiss is only a kiss, regardless of your reality. I still consider you- guiltily glancing behind me before ever smiling back. It's not cheating if it's never been real. I've grown reclusive- I knew you'd like it I look great in pale, And I'd rather not go out. Get out of my head Lend me piece, my sanity is hard to come by. I'm sick of pretending pretension is my gift I'd scream, but fear of hurting your perfect ears silences. Crying is a waste of time but waterworks wield magic If you have pretty eyes- my eyes are blue Broken by insomnia because I always dream of you. Babe, if I could sculpt you, I'd leave you as you are. I know I'd break you, bend and bring out the worst Fixing flaws is unimportant As of now, I'm besotted just as you are.

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