Lie to Me

September 1, 2007
By Raveena Siegel, Milford, MA

Lie to Me Tell me, tell me that it isn't true And that there was never a "me and you" Tell me we were never real And that you were never a big deal Tell me that you were just a friend From the beginning to the end Tell me we never did exist And that we never kissed Tell me its all in my head And the words "I miss you" weren't said Tell me I'm a crazy insane child And my thoughts are stupid and wild Tell me you only exist in my mind And our bodies never intertwined Tell me I never held your hand Tell me! Tell me! I demand! Tell me and mean it with all your heart I don't care if it tears me apart Tell me, tell me, lie to me if you must Just lie to me! Lie to me, my mind will adjust

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