October 29, 2007
By Danny Rathsburg, Clarkston, MI

The gas tank is filled now,
The boots laced up tight,
The jacket zipped up right,

Let’s roll!

Let’s roll!
This black knight of hell
This baby blue angel of heaven.
On this ride of heaven and hell

Let’s go!

Let’s go!
In one flowing motion
The clutch is in
Snap my ankle and kick it into gear
And with the flick of the wrist
The engine starts to scream
The red blurs to green
As the black knight of hell is in my wrist
And again in one flowing motion
Clutch, ankle, wrist,
100 comes all to fast

The feeling is born.

Adrenalin accelerates.
Eyes enlarge.

The feeling of speed.
As the red blue green and yellow cars turn gray
As the yellow lines become one
As the tunnel forms, A smile grows,

The endlessness of the 5 seconds it takes to be seconds from death,
And the reality check this isn’t a game
But I’m a ghost, a ghost in the blurs of blind spots back and forth
With my black knight and baby blue angel
I ride into oblivion

Let’s roll!

Let’s roll!
On this ride of heaven and hell.

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