October 29, 2007
By Molly Keesling, Clarkston, MI

Have you ever looked at a blade of grass?
One, single, blade?
Focus, focus, focus,
It’s impossible.
You look at one & you’ve got to look at two
Then three
Then four
And you’re looking at the entire lawn
With no idea how it happened.

And you’re looking and humming to yourself and thinking
And you realize that the grass is really, really green
And each of the blades looks like a little martian arm
Stretching up and stretching up and stretching
Up and out and sideways
Bent and curved and straight
This way, that way and all the ways in between
Out of the ground

There are arms that are flat
Hugging the earth
Saying thanks
Thanks for being my home
And arms straight in the air
Like a child waiting to be picked up
Or a triumphant athlete with his arms raised high
In celebration of a victory
Or maybe they’re reaching for something
Just beyond their very green tips

Then the wind blows
And you notice its flicking the tops of those
Really, really, really green
Martian arms
And they look like they’re waving
So you make sure nobody is watching
Focus, focus, focus,
On one, single, blade
And whisper


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