June 29, 2010
By Britain BRONZE, North Bend, Washington
Britain BRONZE, North Bend, Washington
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To completely understand a poem and its meaning, it is crucial to have a brief lesson in some poetic terms. Poetic terms have a large impact on effect and how poems are received and interpreted by the reader.

Alliteration is the repetition of the same word or phrase for effect. Edger Allen Poe uses this method in his poem, The Raven. The word “Nevermore” is repeated by the Raven at the end of almost every stanza. This stresses the influence the word has in the poem.

Meter is the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry. The use of meter creates flow and rhythm in a poem.

Free Verse on the other hand has no discernable structure or meter. The poet William Carlos Williams, a modern poet, uses this method quite often.

An Allusion is the reference to a popular or well known event or literary work. For Example greek mythology and the Bible are often used as Allusion in poems and other forms of literature.

A Fable is a short story or poem that teaches a lesson. A story like the three little pigs. Or any of Aesop's Fables, the all teach important life lessons. Fables are also most often told to children.

To conclude this weeks helpful terms is a definition of Poetry given to me by my very cynical Freshman History teacher Gerald Bopp “Poetry is one or two lines together that rhyme.”

Modern Style Poetry is characterized mainly by the use of Free Verse, the lack of Meter, and a heavy influence from the realistic and modern literary periods.

The Lack of structure in modern poetry comes from ages of poetry only being accepted as such when it was written to a very specific structure, this also goes for Meter, it’s the exact same thing.

the coming of the Realistic and Modern eras created a demand for more down to earth and realistic poetry, instead of the old head in the clouds poetry that existed before. Creating Modern style Poetry

For when I look back on what we once had.
Again I wish it had lasted longer.
I guess when we split it wasn’t all bad.
Because now I am much, much stronger.
It will never be the same between us.
We kid ourselves by saying we are friends.
I know it’s a lie, but why make a fuss?
We will grow apart and our friendship ends.
It’s not all bad for I have found another.
He is smart and nice, but he isn’t you.
I love him still, I should want no other,
and near you it shouldn’t feel like taboo.
And in my heart there is a spot unshoved.
All for you, the one I never loved.

1: On the mountain tops
Where you can see everything
It’s me that you see

2: At the setting sun
The end is all that you want
No one can break through

3: It’s so, so, so dark
A man walks alone at night
Nowhere to go now

4: Leaving you is hard
But it has to be done now
I’m so sorry, it’s done

He was a strong young lad,
who caught the eye of a fine young lass.
“Boy, come take my hand.”
“only if I can hold it forever.”

“We are two Mariners
Our ships soul survivors
In this belly of a whale
And I will relate to you how our histories interweave."

1: In Bellingham I met a boy.
And all he ate was soy.
He became ill.
And skipped the bill.
Now he’s in a prison cell.
2: Daniel sat on a tack.
And gave Levi a smack.
Daniel felt bad.
But Levi wasn’t mad.
That’s a good friendship.

3: There once was a Lion.
His name was Ryan.
He ate only vegetables.
And hid under tables.
And then he turned green.

Catch my troubled thoughts.
Hold them tight against the rising moon.
And when they have been mended in your beating heart,
You must love and cherish all that you know.
And when you let my mended thoughts fly into the coming sunlight of the new day.
Do not be sad, for this night there will be more for you to mend.

We lie in the dark silence of the night shadows.
As the summer stillness wraps her loving arms around us.
But at the shining rays of the new day.
They lift the shadows and the stillness,
And she retreats her loving arms, back to the night and the moon.
And we are left exposed until the new night,
When she will once more wrap her loving arms around us.

The author's comments:
writing project i had to do for online stuff. so there is some stuff missing because it was designed as a newsletter

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