October 28, 2007
By Danny Arnott, Discovery Bay, CA

Rumors fly around quickly
in school and in the neighborhood.
Between honesty and deceit,
they can turn the luck of anyone around.

Just like a circus act,
they can cause great amusement in people
but can also cause a bottomless black of emotion,
that people may never be the same.

Must we all be cursed with the fact
that others will believe everything they hear?
Bad fortune will follow anyone who has part with one,
and as they walk down the street with people staring
they'll realize at once the day won't be fun.

So what's the point of the spreading of rumors,
which spread so much like epidemics?
We all know they cause misery in lives,
so what's the point of it all?
Hasn't anyone heard the saying,
"What goes around comes around"?

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