October 27, 2007
By Jasmine Maritnez, Royal Ctiy, WA

My bed creaks with every impatient turn
I am afraid to fall into a deep sleep
My eyelids feel heavy
Slowly I am losing conscious
My nightmare begins
His kicks move in slow motion
I hear the sound of her ribs crack like dry tree branches being snapped in two
Punches land on her face
Wake up….
He shoves her head in a tub full of water
She holds her breath
She tells herself “It will soon be over”
Her nails dig into the carpet as he drags her into the kitchen
Wake up….
He bashes her head with a cooking pot
His rough hands muffle her screams of agony
Her platinum blond hair turned crimson
Her blood stains the walls
Her eyelashes are slowly fluttering
She lies helplessly in her puddle of blood
I can’t help her
He is watching the football game
She gets up with pain beyond comparison of those who suffer of a broken heart
She winces with every step
He never shows any remorse
Her face is swollen
He sarcastically whispers in her ear “You’re not use to it by now?”
Wake up….
She tells him “No more Richard”
She walked out the door the same night the Raiders were victorious
I am wide-awake
The sunlight creeps through the window
Cold sweat covers my forehead
I despise this reoccurring dream
Remembering hurts the most
My greatest fear is the time I have left behind these four walls
Her body tells a story
Every faded scar
Every black and blue healing bruise
They are the words I write
Her tragic tale has a happy ending
She is the survivor
I am the author

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