The Journey of Love

October 26, 2007
Tears constantly fell
From her practised hazel eyes
She yearned for him so
But sadly their love had died

Why was the pain
So startlingly real
Her heart was broken so deeply
How could she ever heal

Never had she realized
What life was like without him
Now she had to live life
All alone until the end

Months passed and life went on
But never did she let go of him
The memory was so painful
And yet her mind brought it up again and again

The friendly smiles soon vanished
And now she was truly alone
She was like a zombie
Knowing no one and with no home

But soon she found
She had to live life
She sewed up her wounds
And made it all right

With a fake smile
Plastered on her face
She made it through
Her endless days

But then he returned
So suddenly too
How could this happen
She had just gotten through

His smile called to her
So remarkably true
But she knew exactly
What she had to do

She said its over
Thats the end
No more painful love
Just friends until the end

The sleepless nights
And countlless tears
Ended there
Never again to interfere

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