An Affair on the Side

October 25, 2007
As she steps out of the shower,
She throws on a bright red, pleated petticoat with haste,
Followed by a wrinkled silk blouse of forest green,
She steps into an icy, verdant skirt that flows around her ankles,
Shrugs on a leather jacket, in a shiny purple that rivals the midnight sky out in the country,
A thin, orange necklace is quickly clasped around her neck,
Followed by circular earrings of the same color,
She sprays herself liberally with French perfume, until she can very nearly dance with the scent itself,
But instead, she begins to dance with her black-clad lover.
She looks tenderly into his rounded face,
Snuggles up to his thin body,
Suddenly, he becomes more forceful, almost ungentlemanly,
Her earrings are unceremoniously falling off
Her blouse is being pulled apart,
Her skirts are swirling, swirling, swirling,
Abruptly, they are flipped into the air and she panics, not knowing what will follow,
Then all is still, and she regains her breath as her skirts settle, as her shiny purple jacket gently slips off a shoulder,
And I sit down to enjoy my freshly tossed salad.

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