Revelations of a teenage mother

July 9, 2010
By Amommylikeme BRONZE, Horton, Alabama
Amommylikeme BRONZE, Horton, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is a never ending classroom with homework everyday." - Heather Bennett`

I sit inside my head, searching for the answers
dealing with this pain, it feels like a cancer
watching life go by ,like im on the outside
screaming to myself, trying to figure out why
i keep telling myself keep pushing through
life is a lesson a path that you choose
a neverending classroom with homework everyday
but still i sit wonder why my life is this way
i look back on the past and all my decisions
if i could go back i would make some revisions
but dont get me wrong i love the life that i have
i've got a beautiful son and a really good man
he stands by my side through all the hard times
he's there for our son as he grows and he shines
watching them together brings joy to my heart
i love them so much i would die if we were apart
my little family brings happiness to my soul
my love will never fade they're with me till im old
forever in my heart they have immortality
so my revelation is my life is my family

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