A B**** Never Wins.

July 9, 2010
By Geetika BRONZE, Singapore City, Other
Geetika BRONZE, Singapore City, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"I fear the future not because of what it holds. I fear the future because I've seen the past."

“She’s an outsider.”

I can hear the opus of deceit and judgement
I can see behind your masquerade of faux perfection

“She needs to get a clue.”

You don a convincing disguise
A plastic smile, very sly

“She’s fat.”

But while you sit and command the orchestra of b****iness and backstabbing;
Take a moment to understand that

“What a sl*t.”

You have the burden of carrying a second face
Whist we never have to change into a mask, a mask of distaste

“No one likes her.”

We’re breathing in air
While you’re breathing in treachery

“I wish she’d go away!”

Growing on it, dying for it
Begging for every last drop of disloyalty

“He’s so much better than her! He only hangs around her because he pities her.”

Like a drug
But worse than cocaine

“Her family is retarded.”

Morphs you into a sincerity -sucking monster
Whose shallowness and selfishness is enough to make you go insane

“Did you see her? She was dressed like a prostitute.”

And then you’ll discover what you wish you could have known then
That the real joy comes from not stabbing with pens

“Some slap her.”

Just like how you’ve turned on me,
Your “friends” can too.
Your “friends” will too.

Because a b**** never wins.

The author's comments:
This poem is for anyone and everyone who's ever had to deal with a two-faced b****.

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