The Sweetest Sin

May 29, 2008
By Nicole Ainsworth, Meredith, NH

Walking in the grass, under the moonlight,
you are my fresh kiss on this warm night,
you taste of summer, flowers, and hope,
you're my sweet wreck, the reason I cope.

I'm the prettiest disaster you've ever seen,
I'm the gentlest insult you could ever mean,
I'm the waking of wonders, your reason to stare,
I'm an unexplored venue, your reason to care.

Your heart opens mine with a single touch,
you're my dark abyss to which I clutch,
your smile is my world, full of beaches and sea,
your eyes are the softness I want inside of me.

My kiss is your breath, my touch your fire,
I'm the reason you move, the reason you desire,
I melt your heart with my resonating voice,
you're tangled up in me; you don't have a choice.

I want to be in you, in your hopes and dreams,
I want to shatter your daily life at the seams,
I want to ruin your perceptions, invade your heart,
and I promise you'll be defenseless once I start.

I want you to bury me deep so I can't get out,
I want you to show me what love's really about,
I want you to kill my inhibition and drag me in,
I want us to commit this absolute sweetest sin.

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