Unknown Girls Aspiration

July 3, 2010
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When i look into her light brown hassle eyes i see life so much life that it sucks you in like a vaccume

as if it's pulling you in to have the fun of your life like a night club

Her lips makes me want to curl up cause it is so lucious and sweet makes me want to dance in the rain and stomp the puddels with my feet

looking at her skin her smooth smooth brown skin makes me want to run, run in the wind to feel the breeze in the air thats how she makes me feel

When she writes her poems you can
tell how wonderful she is even through she lives afar she makes me feel sharp, aspired, or lifted like an eagles claw

This unknown gurls laugh is guine you can tell she is laughing by the
sparkel in her eyes

its like she will always be here even when the spring flowers dies

but i know thats a lie life gives us a certain amount of time in this

it is harsh but the harshness of this world makes us careful, careful enough to lock our doors at night or trying to evoid getting into a fight

She is so unknown but it is like i've known her all my life like we had been friends for a very long time thats how her writings makes me feel

If i ever she her in person i would tell her what a wonderful poem writer she is

and how she inspired me to write more poems about any and every thing that comes to me so thanks and good bye or just for now

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