July 3, 2010
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You know i thought i had this under control
i thought that this could never happen to me
because i am me

I am a player my friends call me the women slayer,
the top dog, the king, the don but now when i look
back at it i feel like a moron a total dutch bag

Infact i don't know how i became this way in the
first place treating women badly but it was one
girl that took my heart and ran away with it

Then found out that i was cheating than threw
it in a lions pit i loved her no im still in
love with her

I never thought that i would be saying those
words but i am saying those words can you please
forgive me can you please trust in me
can you just believe like Adam did eve

My love for you is out of control your my Gps without
you i don't know where to go but now i realize that
love is never under control

It goes wild like an massive river flow that will
never give in, like astorm that will never end or
like titanium it will never bend

They told me that you were different and that you
wasn't like the others that i had dated that you
was hard to approach that you wasn't easy

I just laugh and said i make them look easy but
when i met you it was hard you did not like
obnoxious guys you did not like the class clowns

The ones that thought that they had it all
but you changed my life and cut out my heart
with a butcher's knife

My love for you is out of whack out of sync
it dosen't fit into this moving box it has
to stay you said that you love me but not

Because your heart could not take what i
have told you, you needed some time to

You needed a breath of fresh air but when
you went outside you couldn't breath you
claimed that it wasn't air that it was
carbon dioxide

Then i started to think that i should haved
lied. I should have never told you what i had
done that i had cheated

I still love you and our love is over control
uncontainable, unstoppable it is able, able to
any and every thing

All im saying is that you was the one that
i really loved and that i am still in love

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bakedbeans said...
Aug. 12, 2010 at 10:37 pm
please comment thanks
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