A Love Like Fire

May 29, 2008
By Hanedie Eliacin Mars, Orlando, FL

This thing called love I have
burning in my heart
A love like fire never
seems to fade away
The flames keep increasing
already turning blue
My fire love will
always stay true for no
one but you
Burning and burning
So many things left to be

My candle in the
Is so strong, that
one flame
The shade protecting
from the sun
A fire that burns
in and out
Used to be red
now blue
One flame is
all it takes

A fire in a
Unable to be
put out
Cause its the
fire burning in
my heart
This love like fire
is like no other
I'm finally
whipped by you
Cause a heart would
be nothing without
a beat
And I'm nothing
without you

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