May 29, 2008
By Jazzmin Best, New London, CT

Tha ones you expected,
To be there first,
Are no where to be found.
Someone to talk to,
When you need a friend,
But you cant hear a sound.
A shoulder to cry on,
To let it out,
But your tears just hit tha ground.
You were always there,
When they needed you tha most,
And now their not around.
You called them a friend,
And that’s what they were,
Until things started to change.
And now a friendship,
Worth holding on to,
Is no where within range.
They took you for granted,
And then moved on,
Now you’re left alone.
You’d rather cry,
All by yourself,
Then get up and call their phone.
You let them know,
Just how you felt,
But they took it tha wrong way
They had you wondering,
If they even listened,
To what you had to say.
Caught up in their own situation,
To even notice that their tha same.
Even reading this poem,
They’ll think of someone else,
And tha wrong problem to blame.
They may not be forever,
But your tears, however,
Will be their to the end.
Cry with yourself,
Talk in your poemz,
Cause you are your only true friend.

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