I Live Life On the Road Goes Round

June 26, 2010
By MTDavis BRONZE, Perry, Georgia
MTDavis BRONZE, Perry, Georgia
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I live life
On the road, goes round
The slaughterhouse

I lie down,
One ear to the ground
To hear what’s lost
In sound.

And upward
Now I gaze upon, and
Tremble in, the
Night. I

Watch this town
From below it now,
To see what’s lost
In light.

While all the while,
The evening’s costs,
Too much to be

The sights of
Seeing people leave
Bad habits on
The floor.

I’ve left the
Noise for something still
And quiet in
The night.

A friend, a
Healer I can trust
To get myself
Back right.

I greet her
In the darkness, though
I do not see
Her face,

I know her
In the silence, a
Familiar saving

She turns my
Head from fever, and
Directs my eyes
From shame,

And stands me
Up amid the crowd
Of all the walking

I steer toward
Better memories.
To peace and lighted

To things I
Couldn’t remember
Had I not been there

No broken
Glass to tread on, for
The weakness made
From strength

Makes bare the
Feet of many on
The road for some
Great length.

My feet are
Socked and shoed without
Discomfort, treading

I live life
On the road, goes round
The slaughterhouse

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