Seek Ignorance

May 29, 2008
What is it I've done wrong
To deserve an ending such as this
Everything was swift and sweet
Only a short period of time
But couldn't you see
That within that time I grew onto you
I was falling head over heels and would do anythig
I would stay with you through thick and thin
Was I in love or just ignorant?

I could just sit with you and be happy
Just walk with you and feel loved
Just hug you and feel as if my heart was spilling fire
Just kiss you and feel on top of the world.
why didn't you come to me while in the jungle of doubt
I promised I'd be there, forever and always
You told me to wait and I did
Through Spring
Through snow and up till now

I'm still waiting here for you
In darkness I dwelt
But now I've broke through those chain that bound me
You still have my promise
I'll wait
Am I in love or just ignorant?

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