Sincerely, The Wise, Black, and 'Unwealthy'

May 29, 2008
By Jessica Eusebe, BROOKLYN, NY

Dear Mayor,
I heard you're a mega billionaire.
Have any wealth to share?
Dear Bloomberg,
I heard you're looking for interns.
I'm homeless, I can make a difference, will you hire me?
Dear President,
Your daughters wedding made the papers.
Why is that so important, it won't make our world safer.
Dear Bush,
You seem to be very family orientated.
Do you care at all for my relatives in the war that never made it?
Dear Ex Governor,
You were initially an attorney.
Congrats on being a part of hypocrisy.
Dear Spitzer,
How dare you treat your wife like she's inhuman.
How does it feel to also be a part of prostitution?
Dear Senator,
You're contradicted your self in so many ways.
So my belief in what you say is low when I watch your debates.
Dear Clinton,
Nonetheless, I'm all for a woman being President.
But I also believe that once and for all a black man deserves that position.
Dear Magic,
You make being HIV positive seem like its not that difficult.
Is it true that the Europeans have a cure?
Dear Johnson,
I'm aware day your happily married with children.
Are you always sexually active with or without protection?
Dear Oprah,
You've made a difference in Africa, Uganda, New Orleans, and several other states.
Not to sound selfish, but can you give more of a hand in the Tri-State?
Dear Winfrey,
I seen an episode of your show where you called your dogs your babies.
I know you lost your first child, but your filthy rich, why not give it another try?
Dear Wall,
The stocks are going down and all these investors fear that they're losing money.
In spite of that, they'll never know how it feel to be black, poor, and hungry.
Dear Street,
You live in the midst of financial competition.
Sometimes I feel like if the 7 sins were really deadly all your workers would be 6 feet below me.
The wise, black, and 'unwealthy'.

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