say bye bye

May 28, 2008
By rachel simpson, Proctorville, OH

grandpapa i sure do miss you and the times we spend together.i will never forget the fun times we shared till the end.we never thought that you would ever go.but now you did its hard to let go ..because we loved you so .but it is ok because i no i will see you again someday....
ii know u new we loved you .i think that is why you try to hang on so long.we miss you so much. but now we know your in a better place.i did not wanted you to go because you were my grandpapa. you have been around long as i new.i never picture life without you.but then again....i was lucky to know u at all all.because some kids don't ever get to no there grandpapa .but i sure do miss your loud voice
and how you would alway help me to make the right choice...
yes you was very stricked .but i loved you with all my heart .you was one of a kind and i am so glad u was in my life...we all miss you .yes we do but i am sure ur smileing down here think about us too...

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