June 25, 2010
By AnnaMarie PLATINUM, Maple Valley, Washington
AnnaMarie PLATINUM, Maple Valley, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Life is too short, never give up just keep trying!
Dont make someone a priorety when your only just an option.

There is something about him,
But what I do not know.
Something about that night,
Not too long ago.
Is it something in his eyes,
Or something deep inside?
I’m falling for him hard,
That I can’t deny.

When I see his face,
Covered in despair,
Starting right at me,
Through this thin air.
We are both going through hell,
For a stupid mistake,
I’d give anything in the world,
To find that this is all fake.

This one is special,
In his own way,
That one time is nothing,
Compared to the price we must pay.

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