The Dark Side

June 25, 2010
The dark side’s where they point and laugh
And talk behind their best friends’ backs’
The dark side’s where people are snotty and rude
Always in a not caring mood

You used to be fun to be around
Now you don’t care and follow the crowd
You ignore me, and act like I’m not even there
And when I say “hi”, you just sit and glare

It seems to me,
Based on what I see
You’ve turned to the dark side and just left me
You left me without a best friend
With tears in my eyes and a broken heart I can’t mend

Why did the dark side take you away?
The question I ask myself day after day
But now I know the dark side’s a terrible place
Because it took my friend into its arms without haste

I know I won’t go there anytime soon
After I’ve seen what the dark side’s done to you

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