A Person

June 25, 2010
By JohnTalbot GOLD, Dixon, Missouri
JohnTalbot GOLD, Dixon, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Rather be starving free, than be a fat slave.

A Person is weak when not on their feet. A Person is strong but is beaten down after long. The “Literal” are wise, but the “wise” are pros at living lies.
If we never stop to think, the population will sink. A human isn’t just a living being; it could be a Person, a place or even a thing! Self-centered is our race, the epidemic picking up pace.
People don’t know the horrors a person can face, especially living in such a trashy, polluted, place. People are hungry & begging, and it’s pretty sad & sickening because no one is listening…

The author's comments:
All Ive got to say is think of politicians.

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